File Delivery Tips

• Working together is a collaborative process. I am open to learning about your teams unique workflow so that I can serve your project better, here are some small tips that help me provide faster turnaround times. 


• In your OMF File, draw your audio transitions/fades as you'd like to hear them with handles.

• If you have any notes re: sound design elements, please provide with Time Code Ref. markers.

• Remove any limiter/normalization/noise reduction plug-ins on specific channels.. Just notate problematic sections for me to be aware of.

• Provide B-Roll Audio or additional capture of room tone/references if possible.

• Deliver your Ref Video in H264 or MP4 format and specify frame rate/resolution in your notes.

If you are shooting anamorphic or in another atypical aspect ratio, just let me know. 

• Export audio files at full resolution. (Typically Wave or AIFF:  24bit, 48khz)

•The ideal time for mixing is: AFTER final edit & picture lock has been approved by your client. 

* Please double check your download link and confirm that Reference Files and .OMFs are the correct versions before sending. 


• Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive, Hightail, Frame IO is preferred for project's assets delivery.

• If you've made it this far we're going to be fast friends! ✊