Katelyn Tarver - Fall Apart Too (Live From The Backyard)

Katelyn Tarver - Fall Apart Too (Live From The Backyard)

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Location Recording & Final Mix.


We wanted the stage of a musical performance happening in a garden, but the high fidelity benefits of recording in a studio. You can hear the crickets and Los Angeles road traffic in the background. I also believe this is the first time I clipped a microphone to a snap pea trellis to capture egg shaker. See if you can find it. 🤓

More Notes

This is from a pandemic livestream series called Live From The Backyard. On this stream we had two musical guests, Katelyn Tarver and Hanson. (They definitely covered MmmmBop and I enjoyed it thoroughly) I spend a lot of time with A+A from JOHNNYSWIM. These shows were an oasis during the pandemic's lockdown (we took a million covid tests).


Currently JOHNNYSWIM have two shows "Home on The Road" and  "The JOHNNYSWIM Show" on Discovery+/Magnolia Network . You can see me being awkward in the background on a handful of episodes and get a real sense of how they create home for all of us that are around them.